60 gr subsonic penetration tests

60 gr subsonic penetration tests

4 or 5 years ago I remember a guy testing fifteen different 22 LR rounds for penetration into 2x4 lumber and it was found that the 22 Thundebolt.

60 gr subsonic penetration tests think, that you

Brass Fetcher Ballistic Testing Eley subsonic hollow LHP 40gr (A) Aguila SSS LRN 60gr (1B) loses stability at ” of penetration and tumbles. May 9, - Aguila sniper subsonic 60 grain: field testing BTW my recent testing for penetration showed another Aguila round at the top of the cluestick.info of subsonic 9 mm for home defence out of full size pistol.

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We tested several bullets, including Lehigh Defense Maximum Expansion. (LDME) bullets Key Words: ballistics, subsonic, wildlife damage management velocities. The grain Hornady (Grand Island, NE) A- approximately cm x cm area centered on penetration when the bullet began to tumble. Sep 18, - Sniper Subsonic 60 grainLR.. Anyone tried it? NAA22LR for deep carry SD? I will do some penetration, expansion testing once I get it.

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Aug 28, - Here we test outLR subsonic ammunition. The test was to measure the depth of penetration and the bullet expansion. While of course. Feb 24, lr test 2 lead image that round of tests were those of the Aguila 60 grain Sniper Subsonic round. CCI grain Mini-Mag hollow point to the Remington Viper in terms of both penetration and cavitation in the gel block.

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22 LR Ammo Function Comparison: CCI Mini-Mag Supersonic v Aguila Subsonic v CCI Quiet. About JW. Apr 21, - Head to the range with TV Host, Alexo Athletica CEO, and 2A proud Amy Robbins as she demonstrates the SNIPER SUBSONIC / LONG. https://cluestick.info/big-tits/

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Oct 15, - Lucky Gunner tests more than different 9mm, 45 ACP, 40 S&W and ACP Update 8/8/ The gr Federal HST +P load has now been added to our Special results. . Adequate penetration: The bullet must have the ability to penetrate 70, Liberty Ammunition 60 gr Civil Defense, ". Feb 22, - The round itself is a 22 short casing with a much elongated 60gr. projectile. I had 4 CB Longs and one Sniper Subsonic in the tube. .. I've been wanting to test like this, penetration and noise, but don't have a suppressor.

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Apr 20, - Left to right: a Winchester 36 grain hollow point recovered from a grain round nose CCI Mini Mag, a 60 grain Aguila Sniper Subsonic. Joe Buettner, translated gun manuals, tested ammunition, compiled Due to the high (for its caliber) sectional density of the bullet, the round will also penetrate deeply. Sep 27, - A regular subsonic lead 40 grainlr bullet would have enough energy to penetrate a skull too. In fact,lr bullets of all designs frequently penetrate skulls and have for Joe Buettner, translated gun manuals, tested ammunition, compiled gun laws . Aguila 22LR Sniper SubSonic 60 gr 50 per box.

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Ammunition tested includes: Remington Subsonic, Lapua Subsonic, Eley Subsonic, It has a very large 60 grain bullet (50 percent heavier than a normal The large bullet can penetrate deeply enough to take deer sized game out to Lethality of the Aguila SSS grain round. Tests have revealed 16"" of penetration into ballistic gelatin at . Aguilla Sniper Subsonic 3.

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What is the availability of the 60 gr ammo? Who carries it? Any one done a penetration test comparing 40gr standard velosity to 60gr subsonic. Is this the effect of twist in the long barrels upon the elongated 60gr bullet? paper pack used for penetration test media, and lost almost 50 % from it's weight.

60 gr subsonic penetration tests

Test barrel length: " Source(s). The Long Rifle or simply LR (metric designation: ×15mmR) is a long-established . projectile to deflect – not penetrate or disintegrate – when hitting hard objects at a glancing angle. As an example, the Aguila LR SSS "Sniper SubSonic" round, has a gr bullet on a Jun 6, - There are many tests conducted onLR ammo, but many of them have been done from rifles or bigger If it can penetrate through 12″ of ballistic gel, then that means it has enough power to pass through . Bullet Weight, 60 Aguila SuperExtra Blue Subsonic CCI Mini-Mag Grain Hollowpoint.

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Jan 24, - Aguila SSS Sniper Subsonic Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 60 Grain Lead Round Nose the differences in noise would be to record the first test fire of this ammo. . out for with the 60gr slugs, they have a pretty deep penetration. Nov 26, - The heart of the new Hornady Blackout Subsonic Ammunition lineup Muzzle velocity for the grain projectile is measures a 1, fps, Inside of yards, the projectile meets or exceeds the multiple barrier-penetration tests set forth by the FBI testing protocol, Classic Guns: M60 Machine Gun.

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Nov 30, - I think your only options right now are the Aguila 60 grain SSS Sniper Subsonic and, if you want anything resembling accuracy, a Volquartsen. Aguila Ammunition LR High Velocity Grain Rimfire Ammunition CCI® LR Grain Subsonic Lead Hollow-Point Rimfire.

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Aug 16, - The 60 grain Aquila bullets have been on the market for years. I like the idea of heavy subsonic bullets but don't have a gun (yet) to shoot them. They were intended to be fairly quiet with superior penetration. . Has anyone tested SSS through a chronograph and in particular long barrel versus short. Click here for a Muzzle Energy graph for the tests in this caliber. 40 gr. Super X RN, CCI 40 gr. CPHP Velocitor, Aguila 60 gr. SSS. 18", , , , Pen Gun 2" barrel, , , , , , , , , , NAA Mini.

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The 60 gr. bullet offers similar retained weight and penetration to the 55 gr. .. Hornady® Blackout Subsonic Ammunition is designed for accuracy and performance load meets or exceeds FBI Protocol terminal ballistic test requirements. Jul 25, - The BLK is available in both subsonic and transonic velocities, as you This is a larger bullet with excellent range, penetration, and stopping power. Most bullet weights fall between the and grain weight, but there are .. For example, costs of Blackout rounds range from $ per round.