Describing male orgasm

Not describing male orgasm

Mar 13, - Every woman has wondered what the male orgasm feels like at one point Here, 20 guys try to describe the feeling of a male orgasm as best.

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Feb 2, - So, just as we asked women to describe the wonders of the female orgasm, we asked a bunch of men to explain what an orgasm feels like. May 26, - It's impossible for men to have multiple ejaculatory orgasms with no refractory period. But like I mentioned, not all male orgasms are ejaculatory.

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Feb 4, - A pressure builds when you know you're going to orgasm and it keeps rising and rising until you can't hold in that pressure anymore. There's a What does a male orgasm feel like?: AskMen - Reddit. Apr 27, - The feeling is like when you're about to finish a marathon or some kind of long race. When you see the finish line, you get a surge of adrenaline How old were you when you had a first real orgasm?

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Mar 4, - 4 Brave Men Reveal What A Male Orgasm Feels Like Asking men to explain the male orgasm was akin to having them describe the color. Feb 21, - Doubled tapped. came twice back to back. felt amazing. I've only ever done that maybe like times but the one in question was with my ex.

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What gets you off? From unexpected encounters, first-time fetishes, and surprising situations, these ten men reveal their most memorable orgasms. How do you. May 9, - Butt orgasms! They're not just for prostate exam patients anymore. Regardless of your sexuality, there's no denying that putting something in.

Describing male orgasm

Feb 10, - Does the male orgasm feel any different than a woman's? Describing any emotional/physical experience is hard, but talking about sex is. Mar 11, - We asked all sorts of women to describe to men what it feels like to climax as a lady.