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This is a scam. There a large number of variants of this scam now. The common features are "loads of money", <insert place in Africa here>, and a fax/phone number/e-mail address. They all want some money-up-front and that is the way the scam artists make their money, this is also known as a "4-1-9" or the "Advance Fee Fraud" scheme.

This one appears to be a  variant of the frequently seen Nigerian Money Transfer scam, but it has obviously migrated for the winter.


From: meloni menassarah <>
Subject: Urgent Response

Rue 5110 Jaime Platz Avenue Telephone;+ 228-9488194. my private email address:


Excuse me for writing you this letter though l have not known or met you before, l took upon myself to contact you .

l got your contact through a small paper containing your contact email address given to me by a lady at the Togoliesís chambers of commerce and industries. l believed that you must be a trustworthy and reliable person that will not like to intimidate me or betray my trust after hearing this news.

l am a native of Konobo in the Kerema Local District of Sierra Leone in West Africa region and the first son of late Major Jelil Nathaniel Menassarah,who died about Thirteen months now.

My Father was an officer and served in the Military regime of Major Johnny Koroma that ousted the civilian government of President Ahmad Kabbah, as a special duty officer overseeing the affairs of the AFRC Military Force that overthrown the then civilian government. However their regime was forcefully ousted by the ECOMOG peace keeping force that came to restore peace and he was granted political asylum to reside in Cote D ivoire and
Togo (A neighbouring Countries) until his death and where we are still residing before now that we came over to Togo

As the first son among Eleven Children from two (2) wives of my late father, l and the entire family members wish to let you know that we inherited our fatherís wealth of valued the sum of US$6,000,000 (Six Million U.S.Dollars). This money was his own money he saved during his service days in military services, as he appointed the officer in charge of the welfare of the AFRC force. Under a diplomatic connections, theses monies were possibly brought down from Sierra Leone to Lome,Togo and deposited it to a financial security company for safe keeping with the help of his friend in the security company.

His (my father) intention was to open an bank account in Europe or America and transfer the money into the account for foreign investments, but later declined from this intention as his illness deteriorated which eventually lead to his death.

However, l was just contacted by a friend of my father (in the security company) advising me to move the money out of Togo to a foreign account due to the uncertain political and constant economic instablity here .

Now my problem is to negotiate with a foreign partner who is reliable and honest that l can confide my trust upon, of my intention to transfer this money out immediately and that is my reason of contacting since l do not want this money here neither would l like to involve any local person/s in this affair, because it is private and most important my country Sierra Leone is fighting war and l do not want to lay hands to this money until I concluded all arrangement with a foreign partner to move this money to an overseas bank.

Please my reason of contacting you is to request for your good assistance and cooperation to help us move this money out to foreign bank account of yours or any account. You will be require to provide any bank account either companyís or private account where the fund can be remitted, Alternatively, you can open an account in your name and send the account details to enable me arrange for the transfer.

Note that the modalities of this transaction is subject to negotiation between us and we have decided to give out US$1.2 Million Dollars to any one who wish to help my family finalize this transaction.

To prove my sincerity, l will like you to visit Togo (west Africa) in person to see things for yourself, because seeing is believing and also to bear in mind that my father was never accused in any form of embezzlement by our countryís government or any government/ person, but made his money during his service days in the Military regime .

Be rest assure that there is no risk of any sorts behind this money as the money is just as mine, just that l do not want to spend it here in Africa.
Please do contact me immediately for more directives on discussion on modalities on how we can move out this money without delay. Also, remember the confidentiality and urgency my letter required while l expect to hear from you .

Thanks and remain blessed,
Yours sincerely,

Please ignore any messages regarding this hoax/scam and do not pass on any messages regarding it. Passing on messages about this hoax serves only to further propagate it.

You can send copies of these scams to: and they will follow them up.

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