This hoax first started life in Portugese, and has recently been translated into English. Both versions cam be found below.

Sample of hoax message (in Portugese):

      Si reciben un mail titulado "up-grade internet2 " NO LO ABRAN ,ya que contiene un ejecutable con un ?cono muy gracioso ,el ejecutable se llama PERRIN.EXE. Este virus borrar? toda la infomaci?n del disco duro ,y de alguna manera se refugia en la memoria del computadora ,por lo que cada vez que carguen informaci?n en el disco duro ,este lo borrar? De nuevo ,dejando practicamente inservible la computadora. Esta informaci?n fu? publicada ayer en la p?gina Web de la CNN.Se ha dicho que este virus es muy peligroso y que a?n no existe antivirus para el. Reenvien este mensaje a toda la gente que puedan ,ya que si bien es cierto no puede ser detenido ,al menos que salga perjudicada la menor cantidad de gente posible.
Here's the English version:


      If you receive an email with the subject "up-grade internet2", please
      DO NOT OPEN IT, because it contains an executable with a funny icon,
      the EXE is called PERRIN.EXE.  This virus will erase all your hard drive
      info,and somehow it hides in computer memory, so anytime you load
      information on the hard drive, it will erase it again leaving your computer
      practically useless. This information was published yesterday on CNN web page.
      This virus is very dangerous and there is no antivirus available for it yet.
      Forward thsi message as much people as you know, to avoid more people to be

Please ignore any messages regarding this "hoax" and do not pass on any messages regarding it. Passing on messages about this hoax serves only to further propagate it.

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