Nokia cellphone radiation hoax

Last Updated: 04/05/2001 10:38 AM

This is a hoax.

If you're planning to buy one of Nokia's new cellphone
models like the 3310 or the 6210, think again. A few
weeks ago, 12 people from Finland and 7 people from
China have died from strange circumstances. But one
thing common among all the fatalities was the fact
that they all recently purchased Nokia's new 3310s and

The medical team that examined the bodies reported
that there is a big possibility that the death of
these people was caused by exposure to extreme levels
of radiation that can only come from these two
cellphone models. But why only the 3310 and the 6210?
One obvious similarity between the two is that both
models don't have antennas because they are built-in

This new innovation in cellphone technology may seem
better to others because the unit appears less bulky
and better-looking, but in reality, it is much harmful
because, instead of transmitting signals through an
external antenna towards one direction only, the
signals are scattered and spread towards all
directions; thus, spreading more radiation not just to
the cellphone user but to those around him as well.

The new and more advanced features of the two models
require stronger signals from the telecom companies,
therefore, increasing radiation levels and creating a
higher risk of contracting radiation-related problems,
including brain-cell deterioration.

What makes the 3310 a deadly communications device is
its infamous SMS multiple-send feature. The fact that
it can send SMS messages to a certain number of
recipients at the same time proves that it requires
more signal strength; thus, giving off more radiation.
In fact, it releases radiation 10x stronger than a
regular cellphone call. On the other hand, the 6210's
WAP capabilities just makes things worse because more
radiation is created and spread to all directions due
to the absence of an external antenna to regulate and
properly direct the inflow and outflow of signals from
the telecom company. The 7110 had an external antenna
to serve this particular function. But due to Nokia's
cost-cutting measures to increase sales, lessen
expenditures and to answer to the growing demand of
people for a slimmer and better looking WAP-capable
phone, it did away with the external antenna and
came up with the 6210.

A source from Nokia disclosed that in order to keep up
with an increasing demand for more features in their
cellphone models, the company had to disregard certain
health and safety standards. How Nokia did this is not
surprising. Due to Nokia's popularity as a worldwide
leader in cellphone manufacturing, it was able to use
its influence in the world cellphone market to get
away with it. The source from Nokia even claimed that
his boss, when asked in a press conference about the
company's failure to meet health and safety standards
said, "Who cares? The people want more advanced
features and better designs so that's what we will
give them. It is upon their discretion if they want to
purchase these new models or not. We are just here to
give the customers what they want and make them

Yeah right. Talk about happiness when 19 people are
already dead. Send this to all your friends and let
us spread the word that Nokia is an unethical company
that doesn't care about the health or safety of
its customers whatsoever. We must not let Nokia get
away with this. So many people have died and so many
people have already been tricked.

Let us stop this indecency right now. Spread the word
and help innocent lives from being tricked.

Please ignore any messages regarding this hoax and please do not pass on any messages regarding it. Passing on these messages only serves to further propagate it.


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