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The below messages are widespread chain letters, please ignore them, do NOT pass them on a they waste e-mail bandwidth:

Here's another version of this chain letter that has been modified. It looks like this:

Here's another version with a distinctly British slant.

Subject: [barchetta_owners_uk] Petrol Tax; enough is enough?

Following message came to me via a friend in the fiat Club

what do you think? Can we make it happen?

Subject: UK, you are taxed at 614% on your petrol - ACT NOW
Please read this e-mail, and pass it on to anyone who you think
may be interested. This is very important!

Fact 1
When the petrol price was hiked in America last year, that's
precisely what they did. Nobody bought petrol for a day. The loss of
revenue was crippling for some of the big players. They rallied round
and forced the prices down again.

Fact 2
If you live in the UK, you are taxed at 614% on your petrol.
Petrol is now approaching GBP0.90 per litre. That's GBP4.10 a gallon.
For every GBP50 fill-up, you're just giving the government GBP43o ut
of your own pocket.

Fact 3
For the average family, a 1p increase per litre in the cost of fuel
means an extra GBP100 a year out of their pocket. Work it out for
yourself. In the weeks leading up to mid June, you all took a salary

Fact 4
Fuel duty has little to do with the environment. Leaded petrol
was supposedly taxed highly for environmental reasons.
Why then, when it was replaced with LRP did the price not comed own?
Diesel fuel is cheaper, yet pollutes more by producing carcinogensa nd
particulates. LPG is the cleanest fuel there is but you don't see the
government promoting that do you?

Fact 5
GBP38billion is sucked out of motorist's pockets each year in tax.
You buy the planet's most expensive petrol, but do you see that money
going back  into the roads? No you do not. A recent study pointed out
that most of Britain's roads are up to 15 years beyond their structural
refurbishment date.

Fact 6
Freight companies are suffering - so is our trade with the EU.
When a haulage company has to fill it's tanks with diesel taxed at
such a ridiculous rate, it's running costs become so expensive that
companies take their business to haulage firms based on the continent.
That in turn means a loss of income for our country.

Fact 7
Public transport is not an option.
Buses and coaches become more expensive again because of the
underlying cost of running them. The privatised rail and bus companies
continue to slash services and close branch routes because running
them is not "cost effective." I.e. the shareholders aren't getting their
And the government are doing nothing about it. Rail companies have
been under performing and missing targets as stipulated by their
ever since privatisation. Yet they're all still in business.
So Act!
There is no major organisation that represents the British
driver when it comes to matters of fuel duty. The government are
bleeding motorists dry.
Why? Because they can. As long as public apathy continues, and
we keep paying ludicrous prices for our petrol, the government will
keep laying on the tax.

Starting on Tuesday, August 1st 2000, BOYCOTT THE FORECOURT


Don't buy any petrol or diesel.
Spread the word and force the government to listen. For once,
let's stand up with a unified voice and make themu nderstand that we
will no longer be quietly steamrollered into a transport system that's
crumbling under our feet whilst we pay for it through the nose. Tell them
you have had enough of Rip-Off Britain

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