Frog in a Blender

The 'Frog Blender' and 'Fish' applications are created with Shockwave Flash and present user-controlled animations. Some time ago there appeared a warning concerning these 2 files. Here's what it looks like:
    Please be informed that the joke regarding the frog being  splattered in a blender and the fish joke (FISH.EXE and  
    BLENDER.EXE) are suspected to be infected with virus,  which will activate on 28 May 99.

    These 2 viruses are NOT found in the HOAX list. With the vendor  advice please delete these 2 files immediately if you have them  
    in your hardisk.

Both the original files can be considered as harmless jokes, but there is a possibility that there may well be tampered versions that could be infected by a virus (of course this could be any file infector) . Below are PKZip/WinZip CRCs of the known clean versions:
    Length  CRC-32    Name
    ------  --------  -----------
    671050  f36b4c7c  BLENDER.EXE
    341331  af1bed17  FISH.EXE
    ------  --------  -----------

The 'Frog Blender' is a rather tasteless animation that displays a frog in a blender. The user can select the blenders speed to see what happens to the frog.

The 'Fish' is another rather tasteless animation which shows a fish in an aquarium and a number of objects that can be used to effect the fish: poison, electric shock, heat, bomb and others.

For the moment I would recommend that if you receive these executables as e-mail attachments, that you might be wise to delete them.

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